Like A Frightened Rabbit
2002-02-08 13:13:15 (UTC)


hey. ol isnt here today...again. he'd better show up
later...he's got my resin. don't feel too much better today
but i'm staying happy coz that way i won't get depressed
wen i drink tonite...i was tlking to jezza last
night...told him how he depressed me before...he was kinda
nice about it so that cool. i spoke to phil too...he's
finme, still off hard drugs which is good. he's such a good
boy! i spoke to mark too and he duznt have leukimia which
is really good but he is stil having heart trouble...i'm
sure he'll be ok....

n e way, jen wants me to help her revise for her history
mock so i'll c ya later......

vicki xx