2000-12-02 21:39:22 (UTC)

4:34 pm December 2,2000 Dear..

4:34 pm
December 2,2000

Dear Diary~
hey i havent written in awhile! alot alot alot has
happened! well to start off.... CHRIS TOLD ME HE LOVED
ME!!! yea believe it or not. only ya know what i just found
out today? that chris goes out with
lindsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that hurts
soooo much, but im in a pretty good mood so im not going to
be depressing. Chris said that he likes me ALOT more than
lindsey but he is going out wit her becuz of the location.
oh well.

yesterday i saw kevin again. he has a g/f too, but he said
that he still liked me! wow. lol he came home with me and
he ate me out. i also gave him head. we feel asleep in each
others arms... IN MY bed and my mom came in and saw us and
im grounded now! but oh well it was worth it. kevin is SOOO
HOT! chris is hotter but kevin is HOT!!!!

i am really really tired, and christmas is getting near.
from the 26th-7th im going to be in colorado. we're going
to keystone for a day and a night (its a great ski resort)
than we're going to glenwood(its a place where there are
hot water springs, u swim in them while there is snpow on
the ground!) awesome huh? than we're going to... prepare
yourself.... ASPEN!!!!!! yep aspen! for 4 days!!!! isnt
that like the best!

well im going to leave on that good note. so ttyl ilove
you~ bye bye