Pure Belligerence
2001-04-25 20:22:59 (UTC)

*Im the cool one.... wow, now i can die happy*

ok lets see now, im gonna organize my friends on the
computer like theyre little bitty pieces of meat so i can
sort them out in my head, maybe i can see them for who they
really are if i have it all writen down.

Oh and just so everybody knows, because this is gonna make
me feel better about myself, my friends have said i am the
nice, cool, pretty one in the group, yeah for me right?

Jenna~ nice, big into GAP, iv known her since 6th grade and
weve only started going places together. Shes always
asking me if she looks ok and hates all her clothes and
swears she'll burn them, but never does. She hates her
sister because she is the snobbies 6th grader EVER.

Lyndse~ sometimes annoying when she calls me 24/7, but
mostly a sweetie. iv known her for i think 3 years now and
she goes to a different school, but she might be coming
back. has a very controlling mother who must know
everything at all times which is a drag.

Jake~ lets see, iv known him for 3 1/2 years. Hes nice and
puts up with me teasing him.... Hes nice, but sometimes i
think hes too nice.... and i feel bad about the teasing
because he never does anything back. I tried to set him up
with the girl he likes (who doesnt like me very much)and i
asked her to go to the mall with him....... while he was
right there..... and she said sure, who else is coming? I
was like, awwww, you bitch! well, not outloud, but thats
what i was thinking.

Roxy Foxy~ shes such a sweetie too, and im the only one she
never gets an attitude with because she says im the only
friend she feels comfortable with. Cool dude, shes always
fighting with veronica and ashley, but theyre not really
good as friends.

Veronica~ iv been getting closer to this biotch, and i
think iv writen about her before. She is evil. Always
trying to make people in our group fight or having bad
intentions. But i cant resist a good challenge so what the
hay. Im the one everyone comes to with their problems,
including her, but most the problems people have are about

Ashley~ she just moved back, shes been in texas for 3
years, and she kind of just walked in and took over. Not
really took over, but she is sure changing everything.
Shes making roxy choose between her and veronica, although
roxy never does. Ashley makes roxy mad all the time but
she is too passive to tell ashley about it. Like a few
days ago when roxana was all depressed, ashley said to her
tell me, or you arent coming to my party, so roxy told
her. She was mad about this because she said i was the
only one she wanted to tell so....

Mel~ Shes ok, sometimes better than others, im going to her
party next friday which will be great. She wears a bit too
much makeup but we all have our flaws.

Kimmy~ oh kimmy, whats not to say, shes a bit rude to
people who arent her friends, but i guess shes alright.
Sometimes wears clothes that are too tight.

Chris~ lives in danbury, we met at camp when we were 2 and
have been friends since. Long time...... i havent seen him
for awhile so i think its time i do. One of the few guys
iv met who are worth being friends with.

Jay~ hes well...... yeah. hes jay. Flirts like crazy and
tries to make me blush all the time. Iv known him for 2
years. Really fun to be around, he tried to teach me how
to be good at basketball..... well im still not good but im

Kat~ also very nice. I go to the coffee house with her on
mondays. Shes runs track and is very good at it. Suffers
from depression and her best friends just died which has
got to be horrible for her.

Kathryn~ I really just started to be friends with her
because she is one of the people in my forensics class.
Shes a little outspoken but really really funny when shes
making fun of derek.

Becky~ really smart, shes in all AP classes. Iv known her
for 5 years, we go waaaay back. Also funny, but sometimes
i dont get her jokes......

Maria~ pushes until she gets her way.... but nice. Shes
always happy and loud..... very very loud.

Shalane~ tells it like it is but in a nice way. I think
shes really pretty and she just got an opperation on her
tendon so she has to use crutches for another mother....
which sucks but she gets out of gym.

Renee~ nice girl, just got back from the mental hospital
for trying to slit her wrists, has a lot of family problems
which you wouldnt know because shes really happy on the
outside. She tells her friends everything.

Delisa~ shes kind of umm, whats the word.... extroverted.
She calls me everyday after the rest of our group cast her
aside because of how she acts, which is that exact same way
veronica acts so i dunno how she got picked... She wants
me to set her up with jay but i really dont think hes gonna
go for her.

Amy~ Has the same name as me! shes cute, and has a little
new york accent which is funny so i always make her say
sophomore. I think it might be fake...

Alicia~ a little anorexic but shes one of my best buds, i
do more with her than i do with all my other friends put
together. Shes 79 lbs and swears shes fat, just got out of
her private school (im pretty sure its for people with
eating problems) All the guys, and i mean all, really wanna
get with her which can sometimes be irritating. She flirts
with people who she says are gross, i think its because she
needs the attention.