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2002-02-08 00:30:11 (UTC)


Well I have 2 down and one left on Sunday. . Today was
super busy again. . SO I got my sociology test back and of
course I'm an idiot and forgot to answer the last 5
questions so yeah I got an 80 on it so I'm pretty perturbed
I would have gotten like a 90 or so. . Then I was super
freaked about my chemistry test. . I ended up getting an 85
which is fine I just want to get an A. . Don't you know
that if I dont' hav STELLAR grades I won't be able to get a
dietitic internship and then I won't be able to get a job.

Let's see happy stuff. . OH YEAH My boss left, so I got to
talk to some of my friends at work.:) PLUS I got to study
there which was good. I didn't have HEV 470, my stupidest
class. Hmm...what else SOC got out early so I could study
even more.

Annoying note: The hot chocolate at Java City in the
libaray is bad and expensive. . BLIMPIES ROCKS MY WORLD.!!

FUN STUFF TO COME: Swimming at the SAC and Friends with
Friends. .

Friends at home I hope you had a fun time. .

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