Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
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2001-04-25 20:11:58 (UTC)

Sorry so long!

I know I said thay I would write when I was done with
helping my dad but I got busy and forgot! Whoops. Anyways!
I have had the worst freaking week! I mean...not only am I
a major disapointment but also...I am not allowed to do
hardly anything thanks to my ingenous move on Fri! My
parents went to ST. Louis for an appointment so I went over
to Wes's and they came home early...they didn't find out
where I was untill Mon. then I got bitched at majorly! WHOA
To the ass who sent me a reply about what I write...if you
don't like what I write why the hell are you reading it you
moron? Andrea and I ARE friends...and if you knew would realize that i was upset at the moment
and wrote what i felt...I am not going to go erase it
becuz''s what I felt so why should I??? That's what it
thought bitch!! Well I'm out!!! -----------

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