Today. Tomorrow. Forever.
2002-02-07 22:15:50 (UTC)

Burning Bridges.. no return

The boards of these bridges still creak beneath my feet.
I'm already lighting that match, already burning it down.
It's getting hard to look in the mirror lately, afraid the
gears on this clock are going to stop turning before I
figure out just what I'm doing here. Sometimes it's all so
certain, sometimes it's so unclear. This melody in my mind
slows down sometimes, my dance quiets to a shuffle across
the floor. The lights go out and all my friends go home,
and I'm left standing behind this lonely door. The same
silence where I find my sanctuary becomes a prison. Locked
away with my silent prayers for comfort, I'm waiting for
that sun to shine down on me. That warmth on my skin, it
starts to burn. Behind these iron bars, though this open
window, I'm waiting for that sun to shine. I wish these
scars could form a name across my heart. At least then I'd
know who to blame. As I look through the haze of my selfish
ways, it starts to look a lot like my name.
"Bridges Made of Matches" ~Where Eagles Dare... az hXc