Mysterious Attitude
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2001-04-25 19:26:15 (UTC)

Wensday April 25, 2001

2:14 pm

Today I didn't go to school cuz my mom and grandma were
like.. your goin up to Chicago 4 your checkup cuz u haven't
been up there for a long time... So I was like aight... So
today I got up at like 130 and was wondering... why didn't
u all wake me up so we could go up there?? My grandma was
like well honey.. your mom wasn't feeling well.. So we
didn't go... I dunno what's wrong with my mom.. she told me
last night that she ate something and she thinks it was
spoiled or sumthing.. she may have food poisoning... :( I
tell u all last night I was thinking bout Bobby... I still
can't believe he kissed me... lol and I'm gettin sick cuz
of Andria.. I bet he does to.. and it isnt my fault he
didn't ask before he did it.. lol and ohh yeah.. last night
Chuck Imed me and I was lik guess what?¿ I just got my
first kiss.. and he was like ohh really by who? So I was
like Bobby... and Chuck got mad I think.. cuz he said so
your goin with him again? I was like nah.. he just kissed
me.. I didn't even know what to do.. and I pushed him
away.. and he was like yeah after u got your kiss... then
he was like bye bye its my bed time... goodnight.. So damn
I dunno... he claims not to be mad.. but he has to be.... I
guess I will figure that out today... Well that's bout all
4 now.. bye bye