Pointless Ramblings
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2002-02-07 21:23:24 (UTC)

First Entry

ok as the title might suggest this is my first entry.

I was inspired by Jessie to make my own online journal
thing which is why i'm doing it now

I also just wanted to keep track of the stuff that happens
to me.

Well anyways it's time to reflect upon my day.

Let's see...

I drank some amp this morning and after the first sip i
knew i didn't need anymore because i have high metabolism
after that little jumpstart i was buzzing all day.

Wes tazed Freeman in the leg this morning. Quite humoruos.

Ms. Smith got hella pissed in first block this morning
because i tried to piss her off by asking stupid
questions... it worked.

Chris Judah had jizz on his shirt today... I made fun of
him for it... Chris Judah is cool.

James said that i should ask Hayle out I wonder if that was
a coincidence. What do you think, Jessie. So then I went
over there and tried to talk to her (not ask her out) and
things were sort of akward with lots of pauses. But, oh

Well I guess that's about it I don't want to bore you... I
could probably ramble all day... and I do quite
frequently... yepah... all the time... yes siree... heh...
yes siree bob... well i guess i'll stop now... I made my

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