In the Eyes of a Dreamer
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2002-02-07 21:09:00 (UTC)

Rube Goldburgh's Experiment.....

Physics class is so aggrivating....but it's sorta fun
anyway. Doing Rube Goldburgh (or is it Goldblum? I'm having
a mental lapse here....) experiments. You know, where you
put a whole bunch of simple machines together to perform a
simple task, like pour a cup of water. Well me and sarah
are smacking a child's hand with a mouse trap when she
reaches into the cookie jar. Don't worry folks, it's just a
doll! It's extremely ghetto-looking. duct tape and tinfoil
work wonders though.
I forgot to stay after school for ensemble practice.
it just completely slipped my mind. oooooh well. i know
what I'm doing. Speaking of Ebony and Ivory (ensemble),
Britney has finally reached the point of annoyance where i
just cannot stand her anymore. She complains more than
anyone has ever complained before, about EVERYTHING! even
if things are going her way she complains. But Ms. Hamilton
gave solos out to me, ivory, lauren and melody for the
song "I will remember you" (sarah mcglaughlan song...i
spell really bad....) and she complained because she
thought we should try-out for solos.
1. We're seniors (except for Mel, but she was in it last
year so she's a vet) and Britney's a 1st year sophomore.
2. She had a solo for Christmas performances....
3. She just friggin' complains about everything.

Another thing, Ivory is freakin confused. She doesn't want
to sing "aquarius (let the sun shine in)" because "zodiacs
are evil. yeeeeeeah, whatever. But didn't you just wear a
shirt with the zodiac symbols on it just last week? Oh no
wait, you wore that becuz you were just trying to be "in".
And then she doesn't want to sing Bohemian Rhapsody becuz
she just now realizes it says Beazulbub.(Beazulbub has a
devil set aside for meeee, for meeee, for mEEEEEEEEEE!
*insert headbanging here*) She has all of a sudden turned
really religious or something, and she never was before.
She's still okay though, she hasn't completely annoyed me
like Britney has.

Yeah i know, I'm complaining. Did i mention I was
voted "Most Original" for class of 2002?! please, please,
hold your applause. I'm really happy about that though! I
deserve it dammit, heehee.

WEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL I'm gonna get going because I'm
gonna go play The SIMS game. heehe

(the original) Jess

*wearing my "Moby says 'Don't be a Dick!'" shirt and blue
*listening to Soma by The Strokes
*doing nothing else really, except now I'm off to go play