sheesh ya fuck
2002-02-07 21:02:04 (UTC)

never will i

now i feel soo insincere to the moon to sleep it through to
sleep it through who would want to sleep its troubled face
is all the sympathy for the human raace
so we stayed awake
we are feasting around on evrey star i feel my own its
steepness is so petrude
it mocks my eyes shows off in its highest sky
the earth is shifting i hold my breath
chemical dream is all ill ever need
i want to make it around looking away from this (Shit)
i want to see the stars again
with you*

This room reeks of death
maybe comforting
i dropped the flowers
into the flames..said my farewell at the time of arrival
he says soo fucking insensitive
leaves me to scream leaves me to cry
this is no proof good enough for a king
just a sacrifice to waste all i misunderstood
just a waste of all of my concern
and i hold myself up although..(its been years)
ready?no..go. i pick up his last kiss
and crawl through my hole