Semper etim Aeturnum
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2001-04-25 19:03:14 (UTC)

Next assignment:

In this assignment, I am supposed to create and list a self
inventory. Now, for those of you that don't know what a
self inventory is, let me tell you.
A self inventory lists one's "positives" as well as
one's "negatives". In addition to doing that, it also is
supposed to provide one with the ability to see where they
need some improvement in the "negative" catagory, as well,
as figuring out how to improve on their "positives".
Not really all that hard, one might think, but trust me,
it's a lot harder than it sounds. I mean, this is yourself
you're talking about.. The most complicated person that
you'll ever hope to ever meet, because you end up finding
out that not even you know you as well as you might know
some of your friends. Sounds funny, doesn't it? It really
does, so don't be afraid to admit it. C'mon, even I think
it's funny... but that's just me, and the fact that I can
find something funny about damn near anything :)
Anyways, enough with teh abntering chit-chat descriping
work, and whatever else it is that it appears that I'm doing
just so she knows I'm really writing in here and
not goofing off, cause I know that she's watching me even
as I'm typing now, and I noticed that my typing speed has
increased my an incredible margin in the short time that
I'cve even been ehre.. Wooohoo!! I really love this, and
I'm having such a wonderful time, and Marion,
remember..... just like George McFly to Loraine.... and
just for some attempt at something to make you smile and
possibly burst out laughing at a really in-opprotunbe
moment.... "Marion, you are my density..." :) hehehe.. I
thought that was rather funny :)
Anyways, being as this ramble section is longer than my
entire last entry I might as well beging my entry sometime
soon, eh?
Yeah, I thought so.

Ok, self inventory time.......

1. My sense of humor (deranged and depraved as it is)
2. My abstract-ness (my lovely ability to tie in something
from somehting else that appears to be entirely non-related
to the original subject of 709,360.... or something like
that, or around that general effect.
3. My writing ability (that ability of mine to go off on
tangents like the first part of this entry, as well as that
aprt that comprises my poetry skills, BS writing skills
(applicibale to making up college book reports, and
getting "A"'s on them.
4. My weapons abilities (comprising my adaptability to
using new weapons and seemingly perfecting them in an
extremely short time. Also worth mentioning here, and
applicible to the same situation, is my martial arts
skills, as such as how I can take what I see, take what I
read, and weave and wrap them up into something entirely of
my own devisements.... Something rather interesting
5. Part of a tie in with a lot of my other things, but this
one is well.... different. And that is the fact that I
care about things, and care about people (mind you, I'm not
done withg this one yet, as you will see it again sometime
later. Like in the negatives side....)
6. My computer skills. That lovely abiulity of mine that
is becomming even better in such things as typing and other
computer related junk, as well as creating really
interesting sig files for the Force Academy, as well as my
multitude of various email accounts which I mainly keep
around and still working just because I never know when I
might need another one, and I never know when I might not
be able to access one for some really streange reason... I
dunno... Mebbe just because it just is :) hehehe)
7. My singing. Yup. My singing. I can sing. And pretty
damn good, I might add if I were so inlcined enough to have
been asked, which I wasn't so I told it anyways :) Not
much else to emntion on this one, cept that I have an
extensive vocal range stretching from Male Bass to Female
Soprano.... Very extensive indeed.
8. Well, I can speak some part of some foreign languages...
I really can't speak any of them fluently yet, and have
forgotten at least as much of them as I currently know,
which is sad, but I mean... How often does a 6th grade
american male, living in a backwoods american town have a
need to speak, read or write in Mandarin Chinese? In
short, the answer for that one is simeple.... None. Also
attatchable to this sectin, is my accents... and the fact
that I can pick up most if not all of an accent and whatnot
after only hearing a few words at least once.. Weird huh?
9. And the end of 8 is really 9. My weirdness. I reallly
really reallly really reallly reallly love my weirdness..
It has this original habit of making me seem really well...
weird. and even mroe origninal :)
10. And completing this list for today, (yeah, there's
more than 10, but that's where I'm stopping so that I can
actually beable to complete the rest of this sometime
today.... at least this version of it. I don't get
sick.. Well, I do get sick, just not near as often as most
other people, no matter what it is that I do. This
includes going out into 2 foot snowbanks wearing a tshirt,
shorts and sandals.... I dunno, it's a me thing :)

1. As I said it from earlier, the fact that I care
sometimes comes around and sometimes causes me to get hurt
rahter badly.
2. Sometimes, well, it appears that sometimes I go and
trust people a little to quickly, without actually finding
out if I really can trust them or not. Kinda would
end up causing one some problems, eh? Yeah, I thought so,
and trust me, it does.
3. I have this incredible tendancy to not open up to
people for some reason, and those few times that I do, my
answers are typically short, single words, and never
anything definitive.
4. Well... let's see here.. it could be that I'm arrogant
sometimes, or that I'm selfish or whatever, or just that
I'm indecisive. Well, as it is, this one specific thing is
all three of those. Yes, I am arrogant at times, sometimes
more than I need to be. Selfish? Yup, that too,
especially when it comes to time spent with other people,
and I typically react badly to it without taking the time
to figure out what's going on or whatever. Indecisive...
well.... maybe. I might be, I'm really not sure, I dunno,
I suppose I could be, but I don't know. In other words,
yes, I am indecisive. very exceptiponally rather
5. I have this tendancy to forget that not everyone in the
world can think along my thought patterns, so they don't
catch what I say, or they sometimes mis-interpret my
reactions to things or lack thereof, because they don't
know how my mind works... It's not their fault at all.. I
just don't really go around thinking on everyone else's
6. Saem resonign. I soemtiems ca'nt type to well, adn
taht causes [pepole to ahve a ahrd tiem understanding waht
it is taht I'm trying to say.

7. I close myself off sometimes... Occasionally, I'll go to the
point of completel closure, so that I'll let no one in. Not a good
thing. I could go into detail about this one, but if you know me,
then you know this one

Mind you, neither of these lists are complete... They're jsut
the ones that I thought of this time... Next time, I might come up
with something completely different.

Alright.. Here's where things get kind of interesting...
I'm supposed to find ways to remove my negatives and reinforce my
positives. In truth, even writing this list, as hard as it will be,
is much easier in theory than in practice. Even without the aid of
this list, there are things in here that I have been trying to do for
years and I still don't find myself any closer to achieving that goal
than I was years ago.

So, with that in mind. I need to first relist my positives and
negatives, as well as attatch to each a list of what I can do for

Here we go.

Positives, Part 2:
1. Humor -
2. Abstract-ness -
3. Writing Ability -
4. 'Abilities' -
5. Caring -
6. Computer Skills -
7. Singing -
8. Languages -
9. Weird-ness
10. Immunization -

Negatives, Part 2:
1. Caring -
2. Sometimes too trusting -
3. Don't open up -
4. Arrogance, selfishness, indecisiveness -