The Chronicles of My Life
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2002-02-07 20:44:18 (UTC)

Tip of advice: Never break off..

Tip of advice: Never break off your femur. It really
bites. I had surgery yesterday. that really bit. I can't
feel my left leg, except for that annoying tingly feeling
that won't go away. I have 4 holes in my knee, covered in
blood and bandages. I can't put any weight on my left
knee, so i'm on crutches for the next three weeks. Getting
through the hallways at school on crutches for three weeks
is going to be really fun. :-/. I guess i can kiss the
snow week dance goodbye :(. Not tht anybody would dane
with me even if i could go. My parents bought me The
Summons yesterday morning, since we had time to shop a bit
before my surgery. Grisham is a genious. It's a great
book. It's only been out 2 days. of course, my aunt,
grandpa, and grandma from my mom's side came to see me
yesterday. My aunt got me this sweet Wild sweatshirt (they
lost to the Capitals last night :( ). My grandparents got
me... The Summons. They felt bad, but i can exchange it
for a Clancy book or something. I'm going to hobble over
to the tv and play Perfect Dark for a while (Andy borrowed
it to me since i'm incapacitated). Until Later.

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