*Bubbles and Ducks*
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2002-02-07 19:30:12 (UTC)


i know i know.....everyone thought it was just a joke but
i really do like anthony. he's the new kid and pretty fine
and nice and mysterious. it stinks because i already asked
him out as a joke because i got him in the game ZAP. btu
that was on his second day here. maybe he felt embarassed.
luckily he has the locker two down from me and sits near me
at lunch!!
i also like brett. bekki knows me too well because she
knew i liked him before i knew!!! he gave me this thing
made out of paper but i dont think that means anything. i
mean i asked him why he dumped kate and he finally told me
it was cause he didnt want a girlfriend. its funny becasue
during spanish and ALA ill look up and hell be lookin at me
all funny and then just start laughing. hes funny and cute
but he looks better with longer hair. he just got a haircut
so its shorter.
i feel like i should be getting something for my friends
for valentines day since i usually do but this year i got a
carnation for each of them. yasmin, maddi, heidi, jess,
megan, courtney, bekki, cathy, bridget, karalee, natalie,
amber and a couple other people but im having a mind blank
and cant think of them. anyway i cant wait till Vday
becasue im bored and need a holiday.
i just got the Cd by the calling and im listening to it
now but i dont feel like having a song of the day.