The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-02-07 19:16:07 (UTC)

Alison on...

Alison on "The Date from Hell" : BLAH

Alison on "The Mothman Prophecies": Dont see it at night if
youre a thinking person. Psycological things suck

Alison on "The locations in Mothman": Hmmm dosent
Washington DC and Chicago look an awful lot like downtown
Pittsburgh? What about Point Plesant looking alot like

Alison on "Locations near Clarion": Kitanning is off of 66.
66 is right down the st from Clarion. Keep going on
Greenville. Or get on 80 west down by Wal*Mart.

Alison on "Stupid Maps for Geography": Yea, the only real
reason I go to that class are a) I get out of choir early.
b) B (shortend from ASFJSB) OH YEA, the Map sucks! (Germany
is now a whole country, not divided.

Alison on "coffee": Yes it kept me awake in Drama.

Alison on "The Crummy Webpage": Its like home

Alison on "Yet another GLO?": Im still deciding if I have
time/money for SAI. I would love to do it.

Alison on "Snady aka Sandy": Snady is my roomie next year,
or shall I say "Housie" hehe... Snady makes me go on bad

Alison on "Aiming High": Diokete Hupsala!

Alison on "The way the people in "'Rainy Mountain" felt
about animals": They liked horses and dogs. The dogs talked
to them, I think they had too much peyote.

Alison on "Phi Sig Hill": Dood, I almost fell down. Muddy

Alison on "The cute guys in MCE": Whoo hoo!!!!

Alison on "Milutin Lazich": Yeas, um, Milton is my good
friend, he took me to NYC.

Alison on "Alison on": Dood I like it.

Alison on "The Thiel Phi Sig interest group": You guys rock!

Alison on "her Amber": I luv ya babe!

Alison on "going to eat lunch": tummy- rrrrrrrrrrr.... byes!


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