Mysterious Attitude
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2002-02-07 18:58:39 (UTC)

Sun. Feb 3-Thurs. Feb 7, 2002

*Time: 12:26 p.m.
*Wearing: Navy blue silk pj pants, black Hauk Hogan shirt
that has tha slits in tha back and my black Princess hoodie
*Jewelry: tha usual
*Hair: down messed up
*Listenin to : tha sound of myself typing
*Eating/Drinkin: nutting
*Song of the day : Greatest Gift- LMNT
*Weather: Sorta cold and sunny
*Talking to: no one my away message is on
*Mood: A roller coaster of emotions
*Thinking: Damn I gotta pee lol brb


*Eh... Sunday was a very bad day. I woke up at 10am and
got ready and stuff cuz I thought we were going to go to
tha fleamarket. Before I got ready I called
Erica,Lisa,Sharia, and Ryan to see if any of them wanted to
go with me. Lisa and Ryan couldn't & Erica and Sharia
weren't at home. Anyway my mom and David got into this huge
fight. It lead to my mom literary kickin David's ass. So
yeah I got to see them get into a fight. My mom was totally
pissed off and she finally snapped. She had a mental
breakdown or sumthing cuz at one point I went to gram's
house to get my mom a nerve pill ... when I got back to my
house my mom was on the bed screaming, crying, and all this
other stuff. I thought she was havin a heartattack.... so I
started to hit David and cussing him out and stuff. I
called my uncle and gram to come over and my gram had to
hold my mom until she got calmed down. It was so hard for
me to see that happen to my mom!! I swear to u if anything
ever happens to her I will kill David. grrr I'm not his
biggest fan as u can see.
*Anywho I couldn't take much more of all tha things that
were going on so I called Erica and told her to come over.
I told her what had happened and said we had to stay
outside for a lil bit until everything chilled out. She was
cool with that. So when we got bored she wrote her name in
tha snow really big. lol I had wrote mine earlier that day
before all tha fighting started. So when u walk out my door
and look downstairs u see Erica ~N~ Hele F.F.L.(Friends 4
Life) in really big letters lol. After a lil bit me and
Erica went over to grams house to hang out. Then when my
mom had went to sleep me and Erica went over to my house
and played a few card games as well as Monopoly. As usual
Erica went home at 8:30pm. That was all that really
happened that day. I tried to block most of it out though
cuz what happened to my mom really hurt me :(


*I don't think nothing really happened on Monday. I just
went to school and came home. Did my homework and be bored


*I don't really remember Tuesday either so I'm guessing
nothing important happened. Oh wait Tuesday was tha day me
and my mom got into a big fight. After I got out of school
my mom told me that gram and Jr were goin to give me sum
money and that she was going to take me to tha store. So I
was like yesss finally!!! So I went home and got ready. I
went for tha rockstar look. I wore my black & red jeans
that have tha studs down tha side, my red and black shirt
that says warning high maintenance on it, and I fixed my
hair up really weird with all kinds of clips and stuff. To
set off tha look I put in my fake bull nose piercing and my
lip piercing. Well, anyway my mom was online while I was
getting ready. After I got ready I got tired of waiting for
her to get offline so I told gram and Jr I would go with
them. Well, my mom got pissed off cuz I didn't want to
wait. And yes we got into a big fight that lasted from my
house down to tha gas station. It ended when I left and
came back later on and told her I was sorry and
everything. :)
*So we both got into tha car and headed to wal-greens so
I could get all my pictures developed. I had 60 dollars but
40 of it went on tha pictures :( Eh... my mom put sum money
in though :) I also got sum black nail polish... which may
I add sucks ass its really cheap and peels off easy, I got
Erica this baby blue stuffed bear for V-day, and sum candy.
As we were waiting for tha pictures to get done we went
over to Walmart and I got a magazine and tha LMNT cd I told
Amanda I would get for her. Then we drove around a lil bit
and picked up tha pictures. My mom dropped me off at home
cuz she had to go to work.
*As soon as I got home Erica called me. So we talked for
a lil bit but Connie called me. So I let Erica go so I
could talk to Connie. Me and her talked until 10pm. I
called Erica back for a lil bit and I ended up going to bed
at midnight.


* I didn't have school on Wednesday. I basically slept
all day long! I woke up at 11am I think it was. My aunt
Katie was over so I hung out with her,gram, and Jr. After
she left I went home and just listened to music. When my
mom got home I got ready cuz I had to go to my counselor I
went to her at 6pm and got out of there at 7pm.
*My mom then ordered sum pizza from Papa John's and we
went to go pick it up. We both were eating in tha car. We
got home,I ate sum more and Lydia paged me. So I called her
back and we talked for a few minutes. I had to call her
back cuz sumthing happened to her son. So I called her back
we talked for a lil bit longer and we hung up. She said she
would call me back but she hasn't yet :( She also told
Marina that she knew me and Marina told her I was nice, but
shy and had a wild side lol. But no Marina don't know that
I'm bi and that's tha way I wanna keep it!


*Well, as u can see I didn't go to school today. I didn't
finish my homework last night lol so I wanted to stay home.
At 9 I called and told my mom I had been sent home from
school. She actually believed me. lol
* Anyway, All I have really done so far is watch sum
lifetime movies on this new channel we have on digital
cable, and wash clothes. hehe Lifetime kicks ass baby!! Eh,
which reminds me I have to go get tha clothes and finish
cleaning so I'll catch u l8er bye bye 4 now