the ups and downs of my life
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2002-02-07 18:39:54 (UTC) this please

well i havent written in here in along time so i figured i
would. we have a game tionight and it its senior night so
i have to stay for the varsity game and give them gifts w.
everyone else.. i am doing good w/ school except i ahd
researched for this on eques in english and then she said
i couldnt do it that i had to do another on so i dont know
what i am going to do. i goy pics back from b-balll but i
was slouching so my neck looks funny...that is a habit i
am trying to break right now as im typing. i hate my smile
to i just never look good i either look like i aint that
happy or i look like an idiot.i have been writing emails
to jess trying to get her to be my friend again the on ei
just wrote her on mon is the last obne i am going to write
to try to get her to be my friend if she says no then i
might write one more just to let her know i got the
message. well i do hope she says yes. as far as b-ball
goes i have 5 more games counting tonight and i havent
played in a long time i havent played since jan 7th and
therer has been 9 games since that tonight wil be number
10. i will probably get to play sat cuz its just a
scrimage.. well i still have never had a boyfriend but i
wish i did. never had one before. i am in ninth
grade..its pretty pathetic. but hey i gotta look on the
bright side...if there is one let me know. well i guess
that is it for right now i might get to play the game
tonight b/c i got too last time and i am greatly
improving. well ill write in herer soon