hello kitty cat
2002-02-07 17:35:40 (UTC)

around the world and back

So I'm in photo..I didn't go to first period. Joselin's
brother was pissy this morning and so she ended up getting
to KATY'S house like 20 mins by the time I was
out of the house and in the car we were like a half an hour
behind schedule...I also found out that Katy's mother
(after saying that she knew my situation and that if I ever
needed her to let her know) decided that it is not
acceptable to drop me off at work..which is like a five
second drive from Alex's house...She used to use the excuse
of her having to pay for every mile that Naomi drives, and
I offered to pay...but still it is unacceptable. I really
don't understand her. I personally think she is extremely
selfish...but that's pretty damn obvious already ..moving
on...Joselin and I ended up dropping Katy off because she's
failing Math (her first period class) *we were all in a
pissy mood anyway* and so Joselin and I went back down 620
and bought breakfast tacos....we ate them at the lake and
fed the ducks. It was nice! Then we still had 15
we went to starbucks and drank coffee! We got back just in
time to get to our 2nd period class. I bought Katy a
breakfast taco too...I gave it to Joselin to give to her in
Spanish. I'm supposed to be doing the homework I've put off
ALL week...but I really don't want to do it...I'm listening
to Bob Marley wishing it was summer time..I'm so fucking
tired of's not even funny...I can't wait till I
graduate. I can't wait till Marley fest comes back...I
think that's probably the one festival during the summer I
look most forward be able to walk around in the sun
and buy shell stuff..heheh and listen to reggae's
great. I remember the first time I ever went to Marley fest
here...with Lee and Katy..and Alex..This old hippy woman
was giving tarot readings for donations...and I gave her a
dollar for a reading...*this is back when Katy me and Alex
did a lot together...and when Lee was an exceptionally cool
guy* and I asked about my life in general..and of course my
love life...and I remember what she the time I
liked Lee...ahhh..and he was with Mariko *I can't even
imagine him being that person's so insane that
he was ever a cool guy* and she said that senior year I
could get with him because he'd break up with Mariko *which
seemed impossible at the time* but I wouldn't want him
anymore because he'd be a different person....It's weird
that it all happened...she also said I'd meet someone else
with dark hair..but then again she also said some things
that I completely doubt...such as I would succeed in both
music and art. She told me I had the eyes of an angel she
had seen...and that I am an old trust in my heart
because I already know. I can't describe to you how I felt
after that...I really think I was enlightened...when I
looked at's almost as if she wasn't human (no I
wasn't high...that was when I was completely straight
edge)...I saw more that day than I had seen in a long time.
It almost restored my faith in llife...I know that sounds
silly...she knew about my Mom..she even told me where I had
come from..she told me I had come from the cold up North
and that I held too much regret..and that I had to let
go...she told me about my brother and my whole
family..she told me I had an incredibly bright future ..she
said that if I keep striving for happiness I will find
it...she told me I had to open my eyes because I had
already found it...It's weird...I even remember the deck
she used..I've looked for it ever since's an Egyptian
deck...she told me she picked it because she could sense I
was Egyptian ..she told me to pick a card that represents
me..and she had already marked the card I ended up's strange. I had tears in my eyes at teh end of
the reading..she didn't just read me she knew me ..and she
didn't even need to say anything. I went back the following
year and went to the same stand she was at the year
before..with the same people working it..I asked about her
and they said they didn't ever have any woman giving tarot
readings...I guess it was just one of those things....I'm
silly I guess. This ended up being longer than I expected.