The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2002-02-07 16:08:24 (UTC)

flibbity, flibbity, flibbity....FLOP!!!

ummm...i went to the mall yesterday in Henrietta and i
tried on prom was kinda fun trying on clothes
alone...i had fun...but i most likely would have had more
fun with someone..but that ok well..ahhhhhh CHOOOOO!!!..i
sneezed i did i did...oh well so if anyone is ever bored
like and wants to go with me to the YMCA..let me know..b/c
i really need to start going so if you wanna tag
along..yuppers...i just have to complain here so dont mind
me..I dont entirely like this Diary thing b/c you can't
pick the font or the size of the font?! okie dokie well i
am going to go back to Babca class..ill see yall later
love yall