My Life
2002-02-07 14:35:42 (UTC)

he brought me a rose

Chris came for dinner last night and he brought a very nice
bottle of Merlot and a single red rose! That was very sweet!
We had a really nice dinner, he seemed very impressed with
the meal, he ate everything, said everything was really
good. He asked, "do you always cook like this?" and he told
me I should have a restaurant. I told him that is my dream.
Someday I may do that. He offered to help me clean up, but
there wasn't anything for him to do, so he just kept me
company. Simba loved him, she just sat near him and she has
this thing for men. I think she misses them, so she just sat
and adored him. After dinner we watched O Brother Where Art
Thou. My TV is in my bedroom, so we sat on the bed and
watched, and Simba came up and she wanted to cuddle with
him. He was really sweet to her. The movie started out good,
i thought it was funny, but I don't know how it
ended.......... we had a very romantic evening. He left a
little after 11. I made him a plate of leftovers to have for
lunch today. And I had also froze some mexican soup I made
called Pozole, he took that too.

He said he'd call today, I'm anxious to talk to him. He's
going away this weekend but asked if i'd come over to his
house after Alpha on Sunday night. So that'll be fun.

Terry called twice. I wasn't answering the phone and I
didn't call him back because it was too late. I don't know
what I'll tell him. I want to tell him the truth.

I'm meeting an online friend tonight for coffee at the B&N.
We talk every morning online. He's got issues but I like him
too. We'll see how it goes.