Procrastination is Key
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2002-02-07 14:11:17 (UTC)

study study...

that is what i should have done more of for my 2 tests. Had
chem and ecology yesterday and they didn't go so well, there
is no excuse for that:-( I am mad at myself of course and I
hope this disappointment will help me prepare for next weeks
exam in yet another chem class.
Another depressing bball loss last night- I don't understand
how they could be getting worse, but that is what appears to
be happening. My mom is coming up for the Maryland game on
Sunday and I almost feel bad about it b.c I fear its going
to be painful to see and will most likely be a waste of time
and effort- but I have the 2 tickets and I really hate for
them to not be used b/c its horrible to see so many empty
lower level seats nowadays. Plus... this is an opportunity
to get some needed supplies from home since I have been
otherwise occupied on recent weekends;-)
I think I'll be playing golf on saturday!!!!! YES:-p
Actually it will probably be a very sad sight, but oh well,
I haven't played in so long its really about time!
I hope everything turns out ok for my dear today, its no
good when he is upset....:-(