Semper etim Aeturnum
2001-04-25 16:48:47 (UTC)

Assignment 1, Day Whatever (3):

OK, here we are again with another touch of the first
assignemnt, before I go (finally) into assignment 2.
And, for those of you that don't remember, Assignment 1 is
where I am to make a list of 10 (ten) beautiful things in
Mind you, though, I just found out today taht this one is
to be done every day, not jsut once and wait around until
I'm told to do it again.... Ooops, I guess I shoulda kinda
figured that one out on my own, being as that the 10 things
previously listed might not be present today, but they
still are in my mind.
Anyways... My top 10 list for today...

1. It's beautiful when a friend will let me sleep in a
little later because I needed the sleep, whether or not I
actually admit it. Such as was my case this morning.

2. One thing, truly beautiful about today, is that it's
not over. There's so much more room left in today for
things to happen, and I'm sure that I'll find them.

3. This one might just come as a little surprise, but hey,
I find it beautiful. I happen to find it extremely
beautiful when a friend will tell you she's acting "bitchy"
(her word, not mine) and re-affirms your belief that she's
not angry at you, so I don't get hurt or insulted. yeah, I
do find that beautiful, in the way that says that there is
care about people in life. Something that, no matter how
present it is, something like this will come along and just
spark a reminder for me.

4. Walking up the sidewalk, on the way in to work this
morning... My breath floating in front of me, like steam
from a dragon's breath, the sun slowly rizing across the
horizon, sending out a plethora of colors, while the chill
air makes my skin ripple, like tiny little pricklies
tracing subtle complicated designs across the palette of my

5. The gentle sting, of the hot water against my skin as I
stepped into the shower this morning... Instantly
banishing all tiredness, and sleepiness that wass till
residing inside my body at that time. Only later, to walk
down the stairs and find that she had chosen to listen to
my CD... One of the small few that I did bring with me.
Later still... to have her actually want to take it in to

6. I love the gentle hugs, and the soft kisses to remind
me to keep my spirits up, to remind me not to cling to the
things that happen today, because each moment is a new
moment to live from.

7. I love the way that I can spin the ring on my finger,
look for an end in the design, and know, and see over and
over again, that there isn't one. That the patternings on
the ring go on and on forever.

8. I know, as I sit here, writing this, that my aprents
are worried about me, because I'm away from home..
reminding me, that, despite how they act most of the times,
that they really do care.

9. And there was number 9.... it just happened too. She
called me up to the counter, where she was, and asked me
what was up. I just told her that I was just sitting here,
writing in this thing, and she said that she was worried about me
cause I hadn't moved in a few minutes and stuff (I was thinking, and
she was joking a little... I think). She was joking a little, but it
was sweet that she cared.

10. This one happened after I left earlier, but it really deserves
mention. We were on our way back from making a pickup for the store,
and she started playing with the windowns in the van. I kept looking
back and forth at the side windows, trying to determine which one was
raising and which was lowering... and I was doing it like I was still
a little more than slightly crazy... As we got closer to beinbg
back, she did it again, and this time, I trailed my fingers down the
window as it was closing, and I whimpered, and said "no," in a really
little, sad voice. It was wonderful :)

11. This is number 11. Yes, I know the assignment was for 10, and
11 is more than 10, but oh well, it really deserves mentioning, and
it was going to be my number 10, had the other not taken its place.
This one is rather simple, and does say volumes of words with just a
simple, smallish phrase. I am alive. And that is
something that I find very beautiful in life.