2002-02-07 12:49:04 (UTC)

Ye-Haw? o.o

Humm...its early in the morning and I'm tired as heck, but
I just can't go back to sleep. Anyway last night I went to
the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. It was an ok time I
guess, seeing as I went with my parents and not my
furiends. But anyway I saw a couple of things I liked.
Panther shirt, black cowboy hat, couple of huge tigers that
you had to win at the Carnival games. But other than that,
I guess it wasn't as exciteing as it used to be. We went
around into all the different places they had. Saw lots of
caged animals :( that kinda broke my heart. And saw a
whole lot of cyote and other kind of furs for sale. I
asked the humans if they were real and with a huge smile
all of them said "Well of course!" Amazeing how one can be
so cheery over the death of another. I want to hunt them
down with the threat of skinning them. How horrable...the
worst thing is that my mother wanted one to give the house
a "Southwest flavor." Well right then I walked away...I had
seen enough. Unfortunatly those kinda things were in a lot
of show rooms. Some times I wonder...what dose god think
of us as we distrory his beautiful creatures, our animal
brothern to put green paper in our pockets.

Well anyway, I guess spending time at the rodeo was
alright. I did have fun with my parents, and that's no
small feet. Well that's about it. See ya! BE FURRY!!