Self harming dyke
2002-02-07 09:33:02 (UTC)

schnapps and beer not mix well. I feel really weird today and keep
doing irrational things.

Mood: blurry
Music: none yet, head hurts a bit
Cuts: I seem to do that in the day now, not the evenings,
so nothing since the post Kate's letter one yesterday. Am
about to go and do more.


Where was I? Oh yeah FUCKFUCKFUCK I am fucked up big style
and I am going to do something very dramatic about this
very soon. I want to go home. I can't bear the thought of
going to this ball 2morrow. Pretence always. It is too
tiring and I have no money. I want to sit with GL now. I
want to slit with razor now. Not v sharp anymore, the one
in the drawer, but can get the blood. See ya later.