Do I get my lap dance now?
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2002-02-07 09:22:54 (UTC)

Is it gonna be another ugly day?

Ha ha. My dad hosed down my room today because he's a
drunken madman. I love you, daddy, you little scoundrel,

On Friday, which has for the past fucking EVER, been the
sacred coffee night, April will be ditching me for another
one of her internet boyfriends. Now, this isn't just any
run of the mill internet boyfriend. This one is 32 years
old, has incestuous big brother tendancies, and has
convinced her to go on government supplied birth control
pills. I didn't realize this before, but I am 100% against
free birth control pills. Maybe I'm just old fashioned,
but I think if you're gonna be fucking people risk-free,
you should hafta shell out 50 bucks a month for it.
So it's kinda like a double stab for me. Ya'know, she's
ditching me for a boy, and going to get free birth control
while she's at it. Birth control which I'm pretty sure my
tax money is paying for. I think welfare is bad enough,
but this one is really kicking me in the balls I don't
have. Free birth control. What will the bastards spend my
money on next?

April justified the idea by telling me that condoms are
expensive. Thanks, April. That makes it all better.

current mood: bitterly disappointed.
current tune: NOFX - Linoleum
current advice: Your wife is nuts! Get out quick!!

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