One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
2001-04-25 15:19:22 (UTC)

I dont know If i could have sex with him

Well....judging from the topic of this entry, you all are
prolly wondering what the hell i'm talking about. Well, Me
and my bestfriend Mike decided we should go out....My
boyfriend is my bestfriend. I love him but it's wierd
loving him as my boyfriend now. I am just scared that the
great relationship we had as bestfriends will change now
that we are boyfriend and girlfriend. But, i explained that
to him, and he understood and we are going to try and keep
things as normal as possible. But I don;t know if i could
ever have sex with him. It would just be TOO awkward!!! I
mean, we are going out and like, i always have sex with my
boyfriends...and like, I just dont know how i'm going to be
able to look at him when we have sex, its like having sex
with my brother!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! well,
hopefully things will change!!!! becuz if i still feel this
way, I'm never having sex with him!!! and he wont have it.
so i dunno, we'll see i guess....i smoked a nice fatty
today, i'm feeling pretty good. I find out today if my
sister Jess is moving in next to my sister Lisa who lives
about 5 minutes away from me. That would be so phat is Jess
moved here, I babysit at Lisa's everyday practically, so me
and Jess could chill while i'm there and like shit like
that. That will be phat. Well, I must go now. I will write
more later.....SEND FEEDBACK and I will respond to it in my
next entry...i promise. TA TA

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