It smells like poop over here
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2002-02-07 06:24:54 (UTC)

i hate you, but you hate yourself too

i hate to be honest, but i'd hate to be you." yeah, jimmy
pop really is a genius. total bitch of a day. i did however
get about 12 hours of sleep to prepare for the madness. i
got up, went to work and started my 12.5 hour shift. i got
over 100 cases from miller, like 30 something from 7-up.
like 12 cases of ice cream, about 20 from nabisco, only 6
from snapple and just a couple that i didn't have to put
away from absopure. but it was a bitch, cleaning up, fillin
shelves and workin, for 12.5 hours. but it's money in my
pocket, ya know?
once again, andrea keeps entering my mind. but im not
missing her nor do i have the urge to call her bitch ass. i
think i might try to get together with marta, she's the
girl i've been thinking about a future with. maybe not like
kids n marriage n shit, im not even 19, that stuff can
wait. as for now, i just need someone cool that i can chill
with, talk to, and just be liked/loved (to an extent). love
might be too much. what's crazy is me thinking like a jock.
i've been thinkin about just finding practically any girl
and just give it up, my virginity. it's just like pressure
of wanting to lose it to a girl that i love and is also a
virgin. pscht, this could just be my mind working overtime
after a long day. peace out folks.


P.S. the last feedback i got was like a month ago, from
someone telling me they thought they were in love with me.
id like to know what's going on with that person, talk to
me. lemme know, anyone who reads this, lemme know what i
could do...for anything.

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