Screaming Cathedrals
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2002-02-07 06:16:55 (UTC)

Down to 4 months and counting..

Down to 4 months and counting until the move. We've got
everything covered so far ... as expenses go.. but the
worst is yet to come. I think the actual cost of moving...
plus the cost of living to support the two of us until we
both get jobs is going to hurt us. I know I'll be
transferring... but there's not a guarantee on that... and
there's no telling how many hours they'll be able to spare
me. So, I'm kind of worried... but I know we'll make it,
somehow. It might not all be a bundle of roses... but we'll
figure things out.
I need to stop by Big Marks soon to do the recording I
promised him I'd stop by and do... I've just been so
preoccupied with other things lately that I haven't had
time for shit.
I'm not going to bother going to the asshole's place to
pick up my animals or other things... I don't want to see
him... and the animals have probaby all been sold (which
I've heard from people that he has for sure gotten rid of
some of my animals ) or they have been so mistreated that
they probably wont be handelable or fixable by the time I
can take them. It's a shame, but there's nothing I can do.
The thing is... he really didn't like some of the animals I
had, and when he doesn't like one.... he pretty much
totally ignores it, even when it comes to feeding... so I
wouldn't be suprized if all my animals are dead by now.
Jon and I have semi-set a date for the wedding. It will be
in between dec 18th and may 7th of this up coming year....
so that we will be the same age as my parents were when
they got married.
This was his decision... I thought it was sweet as hell.
If Fred can make it... I'm going to have him give me away.
This might upset George somewhat... but he's my second
choice if Fred can't make it. If Christina can make it.. I
want her to be my maid of honor... and if she can't, then
Lauren will. I know Lauren really wants to be part of this
wedding... so she'll at least get to be a bridesmaid.
I haven't told Christina of her nomination to be my maid of
honor... but I'll tell her soon. Maybe I'll have James be a
bridesmaid too... hehe. He can still wear a tux, though.
Not sure who Jon is going to have as his best man. I know
he's wanting Ryan to do it... but it all depends on where
we have it and who can make it.
The place is still undetermined. It's going to be hard to
pick a place being that his family is all down here and all
of mine will be in Maine.... and picking a spot in the
middle will also be hard being that we don't know anyone in
the middle... so....
And if we have it down in NC, then it's going to be hard to
come up with the money... I know if we have it in Maine,
then mom will help out, of course.
She has yet to go to one of her daughter's weddings where
it's an acutal cerimony, since amy eloped, and heather just
had hers at a courthouse.
So, I think she would have a lot of fun with planning a
wedding with me.
I've got my dress picked out. I found one on ebay. This
lady makes dresses for theme weddings and she's got this
AWESOME dress... I'll download a picture of it and link it
I haven't been able to come up with the money to bid on
it.. but I'm not worried about it selling because as soon
as she sells one, she makes another and puts it on auction.
She also tailors to specific measurements, so I know she
can make one to fit me and my ungodly height.
blah... well, that's enough of my babbling about the
wedding stuff and moving crap... hehe... for anyone that
even tunes in anymore. Gonna go molest Jon. He's playing
video games.