Staring at the walls...
2001-04-25 13:56:37 (UTC)

April 24, 2001

Rats! I did 985 words today. So close to my goal! Ah well,
I think I did exceptionally well, considering everything.
Being flustered seriously hurts the writing output, and for
a while I was convinced that I wouldn't even make 500
words. So, overall, I think I'm happy.

Urgh. Jon's acting so sweet...He keeps throwing me off
balance. I doing okay, until the whole "real kiss" episode.
Yikes! How do I deal with something like this? I'm a bloody
writer, and yet when he says something like that, I'm
completley speechless. ::sighs:: I don't like being a
teenager with raging hormones, I think. It's too much trouble.