2002-02-07 05:51:30 (UTC)

Found this poem kind of suits me.


Underneath the skies you'll find me,
Dancing among the leaves,
Jumping from rose to blossom,
Hiding behind the trees.

I frolic quite often alone,
With non but the winds of time.
I whisper to the ocean a melody,
From my love song lullaby;

"Love's a mystery,
That we only pretend to know.
It's really a path of sorrows,
Where travelers seldom go.

"True love is a fiction,
A simple state of mind.
It's a choice experience,
That not everyone gets to find.”

You see I can never love,
It's a lesson I'm faced to learn.
For he that loveth me,
Will nothing ever earn.

I'm afraid I'm faced to travel,
Through this great, big world alone.
But I shall always wear a smile,
So my sorrow's never shown.

So, if you're ever sad or wonder,
Why you've never learned to love.
Just think of me, your wandering friend,
The solo turtle dove.

~To all those "Cyphers in the Snow"