Ms. Thang

Just another ME!
2001-04-25 13:43:55 (UTC)

Here i am AGAIN....unfortunately....

well here i am..i am at school right now..BORE
ME!!!...nothing in my life is really happening right
now..kinda boring..yeah know..?
i was suppose to go to alincoln baseball gmae last
night..but ride failed i didnt get to see jake
at the game...instead he came over..WHOO HOO!!..haha..hesis
pretty cool..steimel asked me if he was cute..or anything
like that..but i dont really know..??
it was dark outside..hes short..but just a lil taller than
me..which is convient..yeah!!...and jake handed his cell
phone last night at the game to some girl..adn she started
being pissy with me...its cause she hates my older brother
who which she use tohave a thing that bitch better
not even feed ME attitude..i am nothing like my
brother..actually i am like the complete opposite..he is
the trouble maker..adn i am the sane one..out of us two.
But now he is in texas with my real dad..last night was
kinda fun..but tonite i gotta go to the Y..adn actually
attempt to get my ass together..adn loose some weight..and
like work out..haha.yeah i know..i am one of the laziest
ppl alive..but after that is jakes game..theres this other
one of my guy friends that i am gonna meet there too..his
name is chris...i dunno..i have never seen i
couldnt tell u ..if he was cute or not..?
who knows..i think jake likes me alot..but i dunno if i
realyl like him like that..
hard telling..?..i think a b/f is what i want..the only
thing is finding the right guy..?
well i better get goin...