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2002-02-07 05:25:46 (UTC)


February 6, 2002
Today was another typical me day of school. It was a late
start so my friends and I just hung out. One of my guy
friends Zatch wasn't in a real good mood today. Something
happened that made him pretty upset. He's very moody, not
really a smiley person, except when he and I are alone,
then he really loosens up. My dad's being a weirdo...he
got a 558 on Yatzee and now he thinks he's the greatest
ever. Whatever!!! Oh yeah I found out today that I'm
getting two C's....AP Calculus, and Creative
Writing....don't ask. All I can say is my teacher's just a
HOE. hehehe. Enough said, for everyone who's had one of
those. SO my GPA is a 3.0. AHHHH! What's up with
that...That's just awful for me. WOW!! See I told you my
day was boring. Other than seeing a hottie on T.V. my day
was "acceptable guy"less. What's up with my luck. Well
not much more to say. GTG. xoxoxo

Love Always,

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