Things to keep secret
2001-04-25 13:32:38 (UTC)

Alot of my problems because of my fathers death...

When I was 14 my father killed hisself, he was married to
another woman not my mother, he had had 2 more kids and I
was the oldest. I miss him and never knew why he did it. I
just know I almost lost more then just my dad, he was the
kind of guy who did not like black people and I happened to
marry one I love him. I have a problem b4 my father killed
hisself and stuff he told me I was ruining his marriage and
I could not come over any more and if I wanted to see him,
I would call and he would come over, how would you feel at
13 told you were ruining his marriage not seeing him but
every other weekend every other holiday if* and 2 weeks I
did not want to go half the time b-cuz I was never really
wanted there with my step-mom, she was jealous of all the
attention my father gave me. The funny thing today me and
step-mom are closer then ever, like she is my mom and shit.
I am happy to have my mother in my life and stuff, but a
step-mom and having my other sister and brother are back in
my life. Well I am going for now talk later..Give me some

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