Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-02-07 03:42:51 (UTC)

A Long Day

God, I have nothing left. But, I am not as stressed
though. I had four tests today and I know that I made A's
on three of them. Hopefully I got an A on that English
one. Anyway, I am not as fat as I thought I was. I can
fit into those blue abercrombie pants and they are a
four. I need to work on myself though. I washed my dace
today and I gave my feet a pedicure. I actually shaved
them. It really worked well, it was like using a scraper
thing from a nail place. So now my feet don't look as
fucked up. Anyway, I don't think tomarrow will be as
stessful. I need to think through some things
though....mainly the and William...and
David.....and of course my weight. But, I didn't throw up
today! Anyway, I am so tired I am going to go to sleep!