Excess Mental Energy
2002-02-07 03:16:16 (UTC)

I'll never understand...

...why some things and/or people behave the way they do.
*shaking head* I'm not going to elaborate because that
would cause me to stay up all night typing, but that
pretty much sums it up.

I got a printer today, and it's bigger than my computer.
That, to me, is very amusing. God, I love the laptop...
it's just so cute. I switched my internet over to the UB
dial-up today and downloaded AIM so I am finally through
with this AOL garbage... not that the UB connection is any
faster or anything, but I got so spoiled with my AIM and
the cable modem that I couldn't handle all the random crap
AOL makes you go through. It's nice to be able to read
away messages without IMing again. (Sorry if I've been
driving you all nuts with random IMs when you are
obviously not there...)

CC and I went to a basketball game and watched UB get
whomped by Miami of Ohio... but we did find out
conclusively that UB does have a school song. We're not
sure if it has words, but I plan to find out. YAY SUNY! lol

All my academic stuff is screwed up to no end because I
missed a couple classes around the end of last week and
the beginning of this one (skipped chem on thurs due to
bad driving and slept through my 10am statistics on
Monday) so I have big holes in my notes and my brain where
there is supposed to be information. If anyone knows
anything about PowerPoint and why my statistics slides
that are supposed to have pictures and graphs on them
print out blank, please let me know, as that would be a
big help.

Brilliant BeckBeck gem of the week: "Well, a depression is
when the economy... um... goes 'splat.'" (uttered during a
speech in front of my honors seminar... it's now Greg's
away message.)