This isn't life !
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2001-04-25 11:41:50 (UTC)

sister sister

Well, today wasn't so bad. My friends and I talked all day
long about summer vacation. We have the project to go for
one or two weeks in a house in the country, alone
(finally !). The house belongs to Thomas' grandparents,
there is a swimming pool, a million of rooms, it will be so
great ! I can't wait until the school is finished ! But
unfortunately, I have exams at the end of the schoolyear
(oh my god it's almost in a month, I don't know a word !)
and then I'm going to work in the corn fields. I don't know
if you know it, our job is to remove female flowers to make
a new sort of corn or someting like that. I did it last
summer, it's quite hard but it's lot of fun. You get in the
field at something like 6:30 am, and you're back home at 8
pm, you have no hands anymore (the corn leaves are
very "cutting") and you're not very good paid, but it's all
people who are about 16/17, friends of mine for most of
them. All day you sing and talk, you get brown because it's
during the summer, you can sleep in the field (trying not
to be seen, it's better !). Last year, the boss even paid
us the aperitive every evening before we got home...
Tonight I go to the theater to see Othello, it takes 3
hours ! I'm already so tired, I'm gonna fall asleep ! It's
because I'm in 1°L, which means litterature. There is also
S (scientific) and ES (economic and social). Most of my
friends are in S, and they laugh at me and my friends Bruno
and Pauline because we suck in math and physics (that's
true, at least for me). Anyway I go to the theater about
once a month, it's generally deadly boring, but sometimes
it's very interesting.
Yesterday I felt so bad, I was eating whith my mother, my
sister and my aunt, and my mother and my aunt didn't stop
talking about my sister, how charming she was when she was
a kid (she's 23), how funny, how fearless, etc... And my
mother saw I was fed up whith listenning to it, so she
started to talk about me, like "you did'nt want to drink
your milk ! And then, we learnt you were allergic to it !"
Well, that's a very interesting happening, don't you
think ? I felt so boring, I didn't ever do something
interesting. And they started to talk about my sister
again. I really wanted to seem interested, to laugh, but I
couldn't and I started to cry. I didn't want them to see
me, because it was so silly, so I went upstairs in my room,
and I cried for maybe 1 hour. You see, since I am a kid, I
always hear about my sister. She's so brillant and nice
and kind etc... I always felt I wasn't as good as her. When
I was 11, she left for a journalist school in Paris.
Everybody was so proud of her. I was to. At the beginning.
But then, every time I saw relatives or friends, they
always talked about her, like : hey, how's your sister
going ? I suppose she's the best student in her school ! Of
course she was, she's always been. But the worst thing, I
think, is that they've always thougt she was a nice girl,
doing nothing wrong, not smoking cigarette, not smoking
weed, not drinking and I was the bad girl of the family
because I smoked cigarette and weed, I drank, and I was the
only one to know that she did too, because she's always
told everything to me, and so do I, because she's the best
sister you can ever have. Anyway, I was fed up whith
hearing about her as if she was a saint! Last january,when
she came back home because it was to much pressure in her
school, nobody seemed disappointed, because hey what, it's
a good thing if she, the Perfect Girl's done it. Now she
lives whith us again, and every day I see that I'm nothing
compared to her, and I'm not the only one who has seen it.
Everyone knows it. I'm not Amandine, I'm Veronique's sister.
It sucks, but I can't hate her, she's the person I love
most in the world, she's always understood me, she makes me
laugh when I cry, she listens to me when I've something to
tell, she asks me for advices, she's a perfect sister and I
love her,so as everybody