out of reach
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2002-02-07 03:00:57 (UTC)

hmm. i just woke up. i m home..

hmm. i just woke up. i'm home alone again and i decided
to take a nap. but then the phone rang. whoever it was
probably thought i was on drugs or something cuz i'm not so
sure what i said. (i'm not good when i get startled
awake. its like i'm still in a state of dream and i don't
realize that i'm actually awake.)

i got locked in my school's library today. i was in the
yearbook office working on some things cuz i figured we had
another meeting. usually the librarian comes to tell me
that i have to leave at 3:30 but before i knew it all the
lights went off and there i was, still in the office by
myself. so i continued what i was doing until i heard
michelle banging on the doors. she saw the light on and
figured she'd tell me there was no meeting. good thing
somenone noticed i was there otherwise i probably would
have been there for who knows how long trying to catch up
on things.

tomorrow is my 18th birthday. that's weird to think
about. i'll be an "adult". i never thought about that.
sure its just another year but that's a big milestone in my
life. it will probably be just another day though.

my sister is coming home tomorrow. when she told me she
was coming home i was so happy i nearly cried. i didn't
think she would come home. she was home a couple weeks ago
and she wasn't sure what she'd be doing. i'm so happy
she'll be home for my birthday though. i love her.

yesterday in psychology we were talking about schizoids,
people who isolate themselves from the world and feel no
loneliness. and i thought to myself how happy i would be
if i never felt loneliness. and so i dream.

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