The Eye of the Storm
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2002-02-07 03:00:45 (UTC)

Migrane of the Storm...

Unless you have seen the previous entry you will not
understand this one. The problem of hte previous entry has
lessened to a point. chris and aubrey have both settled
down a little bit, but im going for one of them, who you
ask??? the hot sexy football player with those washboard
abs?? Or perhaps the cute one that puts his arms around me
and lets me cuddle with him, and wont let go for looonngg
periods of time... which would you choose? hot and sweet,
or cute and lovable.. personally, im moving more towards
cute and lovable. mainly because i know the hot one will
always be there, he has since summer. he knows how to wait,
and i need him to be my friend at the moment.
well my faceless font friends (tongue twister), i must go



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