Squeeb's world
2002-02-07 02:31:46 (UTC)

Small world...

I was watching Smallville tonight and the guy at the start
looked surprsingly familiar. Then I remembered how my cousin
had said that this kid from our high school was going to be
in it. I remembered him because when he was in Grade 9, I
co-oped in his French class. He was the funniest kid. Little
smartass always getting in trouble from the teacher and
hardly ever in class. I had to do a couple one-on-one
tutoring sessions with him to get him caught up on his work.
Cute kid. I'm really happy to see he proved himself. He
always said he was going to be an actor and all the teachers
said he'd never make anything of himself because he never
applied himself. Well ok so 5 minutes on Smallville isn't
exactly the big thing but at least it's a break. Anyhoo, I
wish him all the luck in the world. Anyhoo I should go to

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