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2002-02-07 01:55:01 (UTC)

Let me remember these words...(thank you friend)

I dont know if you want to hear this, but this is what i
have learned so far
in my life. It has gotten me this far, and is the pillars
of what i belive
Like roosevelt said, there is nothing to fear but fear
If you worry all the time that things will get worse or be
bad, then you are
creating your own hell, something worse than the real
things would be.
A true pearl of wisdom; "most of the time we worry about
the wrong things."
Horrible horrible things really aren't as bad as what
people imagine them to
God loves you.
People have to live their own lives. You can (and should)
try to help- but
only up to a point. It is their life. You can lead a horse
to water but you
can't make him drink.
Life is what you make it.
Dwell on the past, and it will become your present.(sp?)
When there seems to be no way out, get a professional to
help. Even if you
think it won't help.
hope this helps.

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