Thoughts in the Confused
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2001-04-25 09:03:18 (UTC)

better late then never

Hi all. I know it is late and I am sorry that I have not
been doing a great job keeping this thing up to date. But I
am trying. I seem to only remember right before i goto bed.
And I i want to type a lot so I end up putting it off.

Well, today lets recapp. I got up around 1 ish. I ate
lunch with my uncle and he was late which he has been pretty
good at not doing anymore. We ate at Burger King. I was
goign to give him a cd I burned. It is Savage Garden's
newest one but I can not think of the name. Anyway it is
good and I am kind of hooked on it again.

Which brings back SLU. It makes me miss all the fun i had
there. Mostly it makes me think of the front desk and
James, Cause I used to sit down there with him listening to
that cd. I miss that. I never thoguht I would miss the
front desk. Anyway lunch was good. I then went to Best Buy
to see if I could buy a laptop for cheaper from Compaq or
Best Buy and it was Best Buy initially but after they talked
me into the service contract and I decide to buy 256 mb of
ram instead of 128 the price balloned up to 2700 with tax.
OUCH. Serious OUCH. I am happy that I got it. It will be
very cool when I do get it.

I was not going to get it cause i was upset cause i got one
last time I got a laptop and the screen got cracked and they
would do nothing so I was pissed but I have decided to keep

I then came home used the bathroom and headed out to a
greman place at Clayton and Lindberg Rosterhosft or
I was meeting Mike and Andy and we were dicussing
Lg. Well, looks like we are heading to the office sometime
Saturday. i am finally goign to have a job again. So money
coming in would be nice, you know to balance what I have
going out. :P

Anyway that went on for a bit then I came home and my family
went out to Old Country Buffet, It tasted like shit. i
hate that place. Otherwise that was today. Oh and I have
been trying to download enough anime to choke a horse.

See ya soon. If you want to know anything about me, just

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