Cocooned in Misery
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2002-02-07 01:16:03 (UTC)

We swallow the spit,

"Construct death to demolish life,
Plant the seeds to harvest loss,
Found empty truth is full of lies,"

The hate, the taunting words, The tools, Life itself.. Fall
together in the same place. The massive head shots, the
bleeding lungs. The people, the friends, The eclipse.. The
eyes of the fallen.. The ulgly picture of myslef glimering
off the blade. The core, the chamber, the tones of a dead
song. The movement of life, the sight of an angle. ::blank
skys::.. Words once told, words once said. TaTTered soul
all traped im my head..

A close friend has shown me truth. I know now that I know
nohting. I will never be anything. But I have plans. I just
dont know the way. I stayed under the trees for someone to
come and hold my hand. somone to lend me there sword. Hy
hard bled water.. blood has dryed up. Everything has died.
Few know how I realy feel. I no longer have close friends.
I feel for all my friends.. none will ever see. none will
ever see me..

"I spit up on my plate and then I turn and walk away,
I spit up on my plate and I disrupt the family,
I spit up on my plate and I sever the entity,"

I walk under the clouds of gray,
Sphere of storms in my head,

I'm trapped again in endless rain
I divorce the thoughts of you I love with me,
I divorce your innocence and my guilt,
I divorce the lying sellout confidence,
I'm divorcing every mother fuckin' thing
I divorce the love bled meaningless,
I divorce the makeshift harmony,
I divorce the taunting acts of violence,
I divorce the pastime of jealousy,
I divorce control,
I divorce the faith,
I divorce the virtue,
I divorce the rain,
I divorce the excuse,
I divorce the greed,
I divorce the need,
I divorce iniquity in this mother fuckin' bullshit life,
Just want it all to go away,
Just want to run away to die, take it, myself, my life
Text book fucking mental, off me and pitch me in a hole.

Noise runs through my head.. I cant stop it all. Thoughts
of the new. thoughs of the old. made into noise. a mans
music.. a mans tears.. the cure is riping the skin apon my

I was told the meanest thing today.....
"Life of a simple man taught that everyone else is dirty
and love is meaningless"

Tears brought eclipse,
shut eye.

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