Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-02-07 01:05:45 (UTC)


Right now, today is pretty boring! But I found out a lot of
iteresting things! They arent all that happy and really
didnt make me feel right when I heard about them! I found
out my friend tried to kill themselves in the last couple
of days. What I dont understand is why all this crap
happens when I leave. Makes me wonder if I should have ever
left. But there is no point in contemplating it! On with
the rest of my pethetic existance of a life I have. I have
no love interest except for someone who I dont know.. not
really a love interest but hes kewl! All of my friends dont
really know me anymore. It is kinda scary! (hehe) I really
can tell any of my funny stories about Kris because he isnt
online so I can talk to him. He is really kewl. I really
dont know what to say.. I wish I could just get some!
(hehe) but some of you know how that is... well I guess
that is all I have to say right now.

Mood for today: Confused