Higer Then The Stars
2002-02-07 01:03:38 (UTC)


I could never think that this would happen to me. Well I am
into like the thrid week of school and have been invited to
hangout with the fraternity Sigma Chi. Next thing I know
their giving me a bid which I except. Was this suppose to
happen to me. Am I suppose to go through pledgeship, hum!
It is very interesting to see that the love from this
fraternity is nothing like I have seen in black frats.
First off they should me so much love as a person and who I
am and that they really and truly wanted me to be apart of
their brotherhood. So that is more pluses that I can ask
for. Everyone seems to be in the business field and the
alumnus list goes on and on for ever. I think that this is
something that I can full fill. Now that I am going thourgh
pledgeship I understand why they want me. The Jordan
Standard and The Creed of Sigma Chi fits me well. I pray to
God that I am suited out to understand and know what is
expected of me throughout the semester. I wonder though is
this right by God to even join a fraternity. I know God has
a plan and if I don't completely comply to what he exactly
wants, I feel that he understands my ignorence and lost to
search for the answer. Yes, He loves me. It is interesting
to see a person of my persona in a prodominately white
fraternity but yet I do see the diversity that it brings
and stands for. Love is what grows in the heart and is
expressed through the will of others. I see that in these
guys. They are awsome. I hope that I can do what I know
that is possible for me to do.