*Bubbles and Ducks*
2002-02-07 00:50:52 (UTC)


Thats my new word. I was just readin my gurly's Bridgets
diary and wow, she is really sad I wish I could find a way
to show her life is fun the way she showed me.
I like 7 guys......7!! You'd think out of 7 non-moviestar
guys that are in my grade at least 1 would sorta feel the
same way, but nooooo. God it sucks. I hate it but I have a
habit of flirting with any good looking person of the male
sex that is in my grade!! I even flirt with some ugly
guys!! I need counseling. Me and Courtney are boy crazy but
shes pretty and I'm well uh not.I hate this!!
I'm fat and know it. I can't stand always being worried
about it. I wish I could just be normal.
I like Bridget's idea of putting a song of the day so
here it is:

Lonely Girl by Pink featuring Linda Perry

i can remember
the very first time i cried
how i wiped my eyes
and buried the pain inside
all of my memories
good and bad thats passed
didnt even take me time to realize
staring at the cracks in the wall
cause im waiting for it all to come to an end
still i curl up right under the bed
cause its takin over my head
all over again.........................................