Reality Bites
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2002-02-07 00:30:59 (UTC)


I am crushless! Thank god, lets thank god for that. Jesse
was not that sweet today so it was easy to stay over him.
And Eddie doesn't look like he'll be returning any time
soon, so there goes that...Whatever! Oh wow, today went
slow to say the least. I dunno why it just did. It was
Ali's birthday today, so that was fun. Her parents are
leaving this weekend and she's having a huge party. Mia and
I are gonna go for awhile then go chill with Ry and some of
our other friends, that'll be fun I guess! I'm not going to
the Valentine's dance I've decided. It's just gonna be lame
and since I'm trying to stay over Jes, going to a thing
where I'll spend the whole time with him isnt such a good, i gtg, lator gator!