victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-02-07 00:28:54 (UTC)


feeling so conflicted torn and confused
i know they mean the best for me, but yet i still refuse
deep down i know that something's wrong
the ones i want to care are deaf to my crying song
i'll take whatever i can get
i'll take whoever i can get
gotta lower my standards
that sounds so fucking shallow
not something i wanna be
see what you all do to me?
making me change and conform into something i'm not
cuz you just don't care about what i want
i want a boyfriend, but no not him
i want the sun but the light's too dim
i want a best friend but not a worst
you can't have one without the other it's a goddamn curse
i want the ocean in the palm of my hand
i want to be a star in a rock band
i want someone to listen not just hear
i want someone to just always be there
i want my heart to not feel so void
i want to be fucking pink floyd
i want i want i want
who wants to hear me whine?
i can't even spin out a decent rhyme
i'll end my list of grievances but only for now
i'll jump off the soapbox and take my well-deserved bows
jump off and fly away, far far beyond and gone
i'll probably die soon and end as i lived: alone
you won't know what you had till it's done
appreciate it before it's gone, all the fun
i want to scream out loud but it comes as a groan
i want someone to really make me moan
with emotion and feeling not sex you dirty whore bastard
i know what you're thinking: let's get hammered and plastered
hey that actually worked out pretty nice
on words like that you can't put a price
the best things in life are free
or so they'd like to have you think

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