2002-02-06 23:50:05 (UTC)


skool was ok i guess. my old "best friend" called me. we
only talked b/c she is now friends with mandy. the new
gurl. mandy is friends with me, but isn't hanging out with
my new friends, b/c they got in this big fight. chelsea
probley thinks she is so kool now that this big punk rocker
is friends with her now. mandy is only hanging out with
chelsea b/c she has no one else to go too. and chelsea told
me that she was sorry for whatever she did. she says this
all the time. says shes really sorrie for hurting me and
saying all this crap. and then she'll go and do it again.
but i'm the kind of person people take advantage of. all
sweet and inasent. i'll do whatever people tell me too.
i'll do anything to be loved. thats all i want really... to
be loved. i'm just upset that mandy is becoming friends
with all my old friends. i told mandy how much they hurt
me. how they told everyone i was bi and spread all these
rumors. i told mandy how rude they were to me, and how they
made fun of me b/c of how i was always so depressed. and i
told her how they told me to get over it and that i want to
be this way. i told mandy all this. she promised she would
never be friends with them. she lied. and now, i'm upset.
but at least i have some new friends. i'm still going to be
nice to her though. and i guess chelsea too. i'll have to
see how it all goes tomorrow...

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