The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-02-06 23:30:04 (UTC)


I am finally getting a new battery into my car. I am so
glad that it is almost fixed. I never realized how much I
use my car until it was broken. Now all I have to do is get
my muffler fixed so that it isn't so loud... that will have
to wait a couple more weeks though, at least till I go home
and my dad can get it fixed.

Oh, I am so happy that it will be fixed... Oh my gosh! It
was the hardest thing ever to try and get the battery out
of the car. I asked my friend Ben if he had tools so that I
could take the battery to get a new one so my other friend
Scott can put it back in. Well, it took Ben forever to find
a socket that would fit the nuts that were holding the
battery in the car... plus it was snowing at the time (snow
is fantastic!) which didn't help the situation much... but
it got done and that is the important thing.

Yay for getting my car fixed!

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