Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
2002-02-06 23:06:42 (UTC)


Yes, it is today.Thats the best title I could think of.It
is today unless someone looks at this tomorrow, but then it
would still be today to them.Its confusing.Lets jsut say
That tomorrow never comes and when it does it becomes
today. Still confusing?Oh well.

Grr!Grr!*kick computer*I made a really long entry and when
I was almost done it froze!Grrr!Now I have to write it all
over!!And when I was trying to get in I kept typing my
email wrong!!Ackk!!

I have a new favorite saying. Its "Elen sila lumenn
ommentielvo."It Quenya, a language created by J.R.R
Tolkien.It means "A star shines on the hour of our
meeting".I found it online. I dont even read the books.I
just rad the Hobbit.But I did see the movie-wait a sec!Dai
sha vu!Im repeating myself!

Game!Crono Cross!Awesome!Must play more!Hooked!Must breath!
Breath in!Breath out!Breath in!Breath out!Out I say!
Out!..phew!Ok, moving along.Still workin on my story.Its
comin along ok.I already did almost 8 pages and the story
has barely started.Let me introduce the characters.There
Nya, the rough elven girl who is quiet and has an unknown
past.Kelo is Nya's guide.She is like a strange creature
that is like a floating ball of light((she hates being
called that).Then theres three humans who come along.Theres
Lyus, the joker.Hes mischevious, never serious, and always
loking for adventure. Tassin, his best friend, is not as
outgoing, but isnt shy either.Then theres Hertelin, the
snobby royal kid. He is Lyus's cousin. They argue with each
other alot.Ok, thats all so far.

In Health, me and JavaGirl are worn=king on a report
together.Its not the disease Sickle Cell Anemia.She wants
to make jello circles to represant cells.She had to eat the
ones that were ruined and came to school hating jello.I
told ehr that this is Health not cooking class.Oh well.I
wont argue againt a classroom treat.Either will our

Aha!The end!I probably wrote more, but I forgot.I better
type quick so it doesnt freeze again.Ok, how do you say
goodbye in Quenya.Beats me!Well, I'll say it in MY