Nothing but drama....
2002-02-06 22:26:12 (UTC)


God I just hate her.....she is everyhwhere. And what amazes
me is that Damien swears I am stupid..when I saw that
website...GICEL is the first thing that popped into my
head. He is such a liar! I knew it...A friend told him
about it, yeah right! Why is he going to be looking up a
website about clubs we have gone to. He really thinks Im
stupid. And then he wonders why I et upset...because he
hides things and LIES...and I still haven't forgotten about
his so-called friend of his, Estella. Why do I put up with
this shit. Whatever, I guess...its jsut not worth it
arguing. BUT Uggggggggggggggggh. I cant believe him.

And her...I keep it all inside, but I cant stand the mere
mention of her name...before I could care less about her,
but ever since Damiens baptism, thats when she started
bugging me more and more....then came Damiens party....then
I realized Damien cant possibly like someone like
THAT....she is trashy....but then again thats what HE
likes. Why is he with me, beats me!#(&%! Then of coursre I
cant forget the messages she has left on his cell,
THE "PICTURES" Ive seen, and then the winner ---- him
calling me "HER NAME"!!! And he wonders....Oh my god! You
know I just gotta forget about her, she hasnt done
anything, its what Damien has done to me....the lies, the
lies, the lies!!!!

Oh and get this, the picture I just saw of her, shows that
lovely tattoo of hers on her thigh...where it used to say
Damiens name...HOW THE FUCK DID HE SEE THAT.....she was
wearing a long dress the day of the baptism...."she showed
it to me", thats what the liar said....yeah!! after she
hiked up her dress for you, ASS! Who knows what else
happend that night...especially when they were out of view
of the camera and in the kitchen or wherever....GOD I can
still see him putting his arms around

God Sometimes I wish I had son or a daughter by another
man, be in this relationship with Damien....but was still
on good terms with the father...I mean real good terms,
just like him an gicel....I wish! that way he can get a
taste of his own medicine...better about some
he find some pictures of him NUDE...yeah that will go over well with
Damien. Or maybe the father was a Dentist and I get my teeth
cleaned by him....or maybe he was my "baby's father" and I would have
to call him, and tell him all my problems, and have this conversation
with him that had NOTHING to do with the "child" or maybe, he was on
this cool website, but he didnt have access to a computer, and I was
the ONLY one he knew with a computer, and wanted me to see
a picture of him ...yeah how about that one- Damien wouldnt
go for it at all...why should he expect me to,

And Damien wonders why I have a journal....for times like this dude,
so I can vent, and not want to kill i can GET OVER IT!

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